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City Hall Staff

Happy Welch-City Administrator

The City Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the city and is responsible for the management of all personnel, the administration of all departments, providing support and policy recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, development and implementation of the annual budget and capital program, the enforcement of laws, and carrying out all Board policies and directives.  Responsible for the daily operation of the city.
Happy Welch

Sue Schweiss-City Treasurer

The City Treasurer is responsible for the City’s financial services comprised of accounting and cash management.  The department invests city funds to maximize return without incurring undue risks and completes timely payment to all vendors.  The City Treasurer maintains the city’s investment portfolio, assisting with preparing the annual budget and year-end audit coordination.  The primary functions include paying all city bills, recording all general ledger transactions in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, bank reconciliations, and fixed asset records.  This area also maintains the vendor files and records.  The Treasurer also maintains the city’s payroll and files necessary quarter and year-end tax reports.

Sue Schweiss
Pam Meyer

Pam Meyer-City Clerk

The official purpose of the City Clerk’s office is to maintain safe retention of all City Records.  This includes assisting citizens and media in research of Ordinances, contracts, and public information as needed.  The clerk prepares agendas, ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, and City Council books for all meetings.  She also attends all city council meetings and provide permanent record of all action.  She provides assistance to the Mayor/Council and City Administrator as needed.  Election authority for City coordinating with County Clerk.  She attests official documents of record endorsing with City Seal.  She processes Liability Claims and maintains all files.  She maintains files for vehicle registration/titles.  She is responsible for insurance coverage of all required assets for the City.  She performs administrative duties as necessary and provides a team atmosphere between all departments in the City.


David Bova
Community Development Administrator

The Community Development Administrator manages the City’s planning and zoning programs including comprehensive planning, zoning administration, historic preservation, storm water management, subdivision regulations, flood plain regulations and nuisance controls, and coordinates the enforcement of the building code and housing occupancy codes.

David Bova

Connie Beauchamp-Utility Clerk

The Utility Service Clerk conducts clerical functions for water and sewer billings and accounts such as receiving payment for utility bills, working with the public on new utility services and utility disconnections, etc.  She may be required to assist the City Clerk, Water Department Manager, or City Administrator with other duties as requested.

Connie Beauchamp

David Woods-Front Clerk
Administrative Assistant

The Special Projects Coordinator analyzes, researches, and evaluates current and potential programs and systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the City.  Developed and maintain building department occupancy permit, building permit, and landlord registration databases.  Create and Issue occupancy permits, filing and general secretarial duties.  Help water department with posting payments, deposits, and customer service.  Maintain Neptune database, load meter readers, move readings between databases, get rereads ready for Alliance, meter changes, sending monthly letters and checking water usages.  Developed and maintain merchant license and alarm databases.  Send renewal notices and create new merchant license records.  Developed and maintain fire tag database.  When needed help enter accounts payable, copy and distribute reports to department heads. 

David Woods

Gene Kertz-Building Inspector

The Building Inspector enforces the City’s building, occupancy, and dangerous building codes. He inspects commercial and residential construction projects to ensure compliance to the building codes and enforces the City’s housing occupancy codes through inspections of existing housing stock. The City of Ste. Genevieve currently reviews plans and conducts inspections under the 2012 International Building Codes and the 2011 National Electric Code.  Information on the building codes can be found at the International Code Council ecodes website:

Gene Kertz

Aaron Smith -Tourism Marketing Director

The Tourism Marketing Director performs administrative and marketing duties for the Ste. Genevieve Department of Tourism.  The Director manages marketing for Ste. Genevieve City and County to promote travel and entertainment choices provided by non-profits and local business owners.  The Director is responsible for supervising the staff and operations at the Ste. Genevieve Welcome Center and applying for and administering grants for tourism related marketing.

Aaron Smith
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