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Bohlsbach, Baden, Germany is located near the Rhine River in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany. Politically, Bohlsbach is a part of the larger city of Offenburg but has its own local administration.  Bohlsbach has a population of 2500. Farming is still carried on near the village and work in the village’s small businesses or in the surrounding Offenburg area.

Bohlsbach was founded sometime between 749 and 754 AD and was previously known as Badelsbach and Bohlspach. Over the years, Bohlsbach was adversely affected by the numerous wars and poor economic conditions in the region and as a result, many townspeople immigrated to America netween 1832 and 1860.  Familiar Ste. Genevieve families such as Bahr, Burgert, Grass, Guethle, Herzog, Joggerst, Jokerst, Kempf, Kraft Litterst, Okenfuss, Ritter, Schwent, Siebert, Sucher, and Vogt have ancestors who once lived in Bohlsbach.

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